NTW #25

NTW #25

Have you read what people think of postitions? If you haven’t, you really should…

I remember in the beginning of my journey into d/s, I realised that there where so many different titles. I can across men asking me whether I was a “just” a sub or a slave. I have been told that I’m not a realy slave. But more on that in my post for the new NoTrueWay.
While I was still confused about the difference, I asked a man, who identified as a dominant, what the difference between a sub and a slave was.
His answer was:

The difference between a submissives and slave are limits.
Slaves don’t have limits.

Have you ever come across this explanation?

What are other ways to tell a sub and a slave apart?

Do you have to own a sub or a slave? Why?

What is the difference between a submissive and a slave?

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