Possession of Collar

Possession of Collar

The collar given to me by Sir on our anniversary

It has been a busy time for me. I didn’t get to write anything. Not for my blog, not for other memes and prompts and not for NTW.
I did have a lot of thoughts on this topic and I’m happy to finally have the time to write a post.

Each sub has to have their own collar and a collar that was worn by another sub before should never be worn by anyone.

I have had a few collars in my life. My first collar was one I only had when I was with my first dom. It was used by other women before me and probably also by women who came into his life after me. The pendant attached to it was mine and had my “name” on it.
I never thought about it much.

After that I had play collar and everyday collars. The play collar never were mine, now that I think back. And to be honest, I’m not sure how much it bothered me. I want to say that it didn’t bother me at all, but knowing how much I wanted to be collared, it doesn’t fit.
Not having a collar just bought for me, was not the problem. Being with a dom, who wouldn’t collar me or would tell me I’d need to prove myself worthy. That was really bothered me.

Today I have an everyday collar. I’ve had it since the day I became his submissive and he became my dominant. For our first year anniversary I received a lovely collar. Not something I can wear to the office, but every now and then I get to put it on and enjoy it.

A few months ago I received an interesting question. Molly had looked through her things and decided that she didn’t want most of the collars she had. So she asked whether I’d be interested in having any of them. Next time Michael and I met, he brought them all along.

I looked through them, tried them on, and now I own a couple more collars. Up until the moment I read the quote, I didn’t even think about it being weird. But after reading comments and responses to that tweet, a few weeks ago, I realised my opinion and feelings on this differ a lot from pretty everyone else, who spoke up.

The previous owner of the collars suggested, I’d have them, as she won’t use them again. All three people involved were open and honest on their communication.

As I was thinking about this post, I was wondering whether I’m supposed to feel at least a little bit weirded out by the fact that I’m wearing someone else’s collars. And I question myself why I don’t.

I guess the answer is, because we all are happy with it. Neither of the three people involved and connected to the collars is upset or has any other negative feelings because of this.

At the end, they are just objects. And while objects can have sentimental value and one might have an emotional connection to them, they still are objects.

All my pretty collars

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