NTW #44

NTW #44

Did you know not everyone agrees with the idea of a submissive possessing a pleasant demeanor all the time?

While I was reading up on making mistakes, being punished, correcting them, and most importantly, not doing them again, I found the following theory:

Make a plan how to correct your mistake.

Often it just means avoiding the thing that lured you to begin with. It could mean you end a friendship or activity, if things need to be drastic enough.

Do you or your submissive have a friend or activity that is a “bad influence”?

Would you stop doing something, because it always gets you into trouble?

Are you really committed to your dominant and d/s, if you don’t?

Have you ever cut out a friend for a (d/s) relationship?

Is that something a dominant can ask of their submissive?

Is it really the friend’s fault?

What would be other ways to deal with this?

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