NTW #46

NTW #46

Meditation seems to work for some. Read about that and maybe you’ll feel different about the idea.

The current prompt I had already discussed in a way on Twitter on a Sunday in January. And I can’t wait to read your thoughts:

We are responsible for:

– keeping our home clean

– cooking meals

– running errands

– remembering all of our dominants likes and dislikes

– anticipating their needs

– doing every task they give us without being reminded

– and a million other things

What are the sub’s responsibilities?

Does every sub needs to be responsible for all this?

Why does the mental load seem to be with mostly the submissive?

Does it differ when the sub works outside from home?

Can it still be a d/s or m/s relationship if the dominant does some or most of the chores?

Is there a difference of it’s just the two and if there are kids around?

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