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No True Way

BDSM in all its facets and ideas is a place for many people with very different concepts.

We all know those kink representative images – pictures with various BSDM concepts. And while a concept might be true for one, it might not work for another. Because there is No True way.

With this prompt, which runs twice a month, we want to read your thoughts on these concepts.

How to participate:
1. Look at the prompt and form an opinion.
2. Write a post and link it.
3. Read other posts and comment.
4. Share.

No True Way rules:

  • You need to be 18 or older to participate.
  • Follow the prompt or not.
  • Use words to express your thoughts. Your post may ALSO have a picture, but this prompt is about the words.
  • NSFW content is acceptable, illegal activities are not (not limited to anything involving kids or minors, bestiality, non-consensual violence or use of illegal substances, etc.)
  • You must add the badge and link back to this site.
  • Links will be moderated at my discretion.
  • All content you link up must be your own (pictures and/or words) and if not, you must have express permission to use it.
  • This is a sex, kink, and LGBTQIA+ positive space and submissions that link to blogs/sites that do not support and embrace these values will be deleted at my discretion.
  • Participation may be revoked at my discretion.
  • Rules may change or be updated at any time at my discretion.
  • Use the hashtag #N0TrueWay and/or #NTW when you share your links.
  • Please follow NTW on Twitter

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No True Way

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